Fresca and tasty
as it can be.

It takes only 3 hours to go from fresh cow's milk to the Galbani's Mozzarella bag - that's why its fresh and milky taste is perfectly preserved.

Each Galbani Mozzarella ball of 125g is made with 8 glasses of milk - equal to almost 1 liter!

Galbani's innovazione democratica.

Galbani started producing Mozzarella in 1956 and distributing it all over Italy.

In 1965, they were the first ever to use the bag filled with liquid as an effective solution to prolongue its fresh taste for weeks and make it available at an affordable price, far from the firm.

The “Oro bianco” of Italians.

“White gold” as they called it, mozzarella is one of the freshest product of the Italian cuisine, and it can be enjoyed both as a cold dish (i.e. Caprese), and in hot preparations (like pizza, parmigiana, etc). As a matter of fact, Mozzarella was lauded by chef Bartolomeo Scappi's in his recipe book already in the XVI Century.

Mozzarella is a regional speciality historically coming from the Center-South of Italy, typically from Campania and Puglia.


A superior texture “all’italiana”

Galbani's Mascarpone has the perfectly firm and rich texture - ideal for the preparation of the typical Italian tiramisu.

Try to put a spoon full of Galbani's Mascarpone upside down: it's so thick that it won't drop!

To be first, it's a question of seconds.

Innovation was a must for Egidio, as making things better meant a better product at the end.

In Galbani, they did this by introducing a unique double heating process which was lasting less than 30".

Thanks to this innovative process Galbani Mascarpone has been know for its perfect firmness and texture, ideal for the tiramisu.

The shape of success.

Mascarpone is the main ingredient to prepare tiramisu, one of the most consumed Italian desserts all over the world. The word mascarpone comes from Lombardia - where "mascherpa" was the name used for those who came from the countryside and brought cheese to Milan - and they were amazed at seeing the city.


The fresh and
healthy alternativa.

Galbani’s Ricotta is a good source of calcium and proteins, and has only 169 Kcal per 100g that's why it's perfect for a modern and healthy lifestyle!

Galbani Ricotta offers you a fresh and delicious taste - with no compromises!

In trend with tradizione.

Egidio wanted to spread the Italian timeless cheese specialities out of their regional boundaries according to peoples’s new needs.

In Galbani they did so with Ricotta, making it a fresh speciality, perfect for our days: so balanced, yet tasty!

The everyday solution
in the Italian Cucina.

Ricotta is perfect for the preparation of a variety of savory and sweet dishes. It has a long tradition in the South of Italy.

The word ricotta (literally: re-cooked) exemplifies the production method of ricotta itself: a product that undergoes twice the cooking process.


Parmigiano Reggiano DOP & Grana Padano DOP: “Re” of all cheeses!

These cheese are not just manufactured, they are made today as they were made centuries ago, using those same typical and selected ingredients.

Quality at the heart of their formulas - that's why hard Italian cheeses have been loved over the centuries for their excellent and inimitable taste.

Few ingredients, yet
i migliori.

Egidio and his Company wanted to promote the quality and authenticity of their specialities. Galbani’s hard Italian cheese is produced in

selected territories between Lombardia and Emilia Romagna, according to strict rules established 800 years ago, using just fresh milk, rennet and salt. Plus, time.

A huge reserve of milk.

A single form of 35kg is made using approximately 600 liters of fresh milk.

Originally there were monks to
produce these Italian Hard Cheeses: respectively,

Parmigiano Reggiano in Parma and Reggio Emilia areas, while, Grana Padano in the area next to Milan.


Unique and cremoso.

Among the different blue cheeses, Galbani Gorgonzola DOP has its well defined character: soft and creamy, with a delicious and round flavour that everyone will fall in love with! With Galbani Gorgonzola DOP pleasure and quality are guaranteed.

The guarantor.

Egidio and his Company wanted to promote the quality and authenticity of their specialities.

Galbani was among the few founders of the Consortium, identified with a “g”, regulating the areas and the typical production preserving the characteristics since 1970.

An ancient saper fare.

This delicious Italian cheese was named after the city of Gorgonzola, near Milano, where it was born in 879 A.D.

Only two Italian regions, by law and tradition, are home to the production of Gorgonzola cheese: Lombardia and Piedmont.

Only the milk from the farms of these regions can be used to produce and then give the protected designation of origin (D.O.P.) to the gorgonzola cheese.